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Neisha Grace Lovestruck (Feat. Natalie Weiss)


Songwriter Neisha Grace welcomes the stunning talents of vocal coach Natalie Weiss to the stage for what is a beautifully entrancing performance of a heartfelt and deeply passionate song.

Having been released towards the end of last year, Lovestruck has already amassed hundreds of thousands of plays over on Spotify, and it’s clear to hear why as those delicate and intimate tones begin to play.

The accompanying video for the song adds further artistry and captivates all the more-so with an equally intimate and thoughtful performance form the two featured dancers. Nick Silverio and Erin Bailey showcase a natural connection throughout their visual display, a similar sense of depth to that which you can hear in the leading voice and indeed in the poetic and considerate nature of the writing. The result is a release that’s every bit as hypnotic and powerful as any of the best pop ballads from the past couple of decades – perhaps even with a slightly more compelling, alternative and genuine edge.

Whether the moment is quietly expressive and purely piano-led, or something a little more intense and harder hitting, the song works well to hold on to the moment and to keep the listener engaged and involved. Natalie Weiss’ delivery alongside of these gentle strings and other organic musical touches – the acoustic guitar, the piano – makes for an incredibly soulful and stunning few minutes of music that’s levels above the vast majority of its peers right now. Absolutely worth the time it takes to listen through in full.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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