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Neel Dani Jaded


Boldly fusing the organic and electronic realms of unignorable rock, Neel Dani explodes onto the scene, with the intricately crafted and finely juxtaposed Jaded.

From a huge introduction blending distorted, warped and cleanly-mixed tones alike at a heavy pace, to a suddenly riff-led, emotive and short-lined verse for intimacy, Jaded connects for its clear sense of heart, and impresses for its creativity and professionalism combined.

Ultimately a pop-rock anthem with equal parts intensity and melodic embrace, Jaded feels like a timeless classic – nostalgic for that emo-rock riff and those short verse lines, even the call and response or vocal echo, with hints of pop-punk on occasion. Prior to this, we’re almost in an alt-metal realm, and at other moments there seems to be a hint of folk or singer-songwriter expression threaded into the details.

It’s an eclectic yet well-rounded hit, a pleasure to lose yourself amidst, and all at once alternative and mainstream-ready. That hook lingers indefinitely after listening, and there’s also a fine balance between melancholy and optimism – the brightness of the melody, the chorus build-up, the contrasting screams and distorted fragments.

Really nicely put together, in short – brilliantly composed and performed, and also a decidedly interesting take on the modern sound. A track that quite simply begs you to turn up the volume and escape for a while.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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