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Navin Bhatt I Think I Don’t Know Ya (Feat. Marco George)


Pristine and melodic production leads with a sense of space and emotional anticipation for this immersive, heartfelt new collaborative single.

Featuring the vocal stylings of Marco George, I Think I Don’t Know Ya introduces Navin Bhatt’s unique fusion of dance and pop amidst a somewhat nostalgic, eighties-esque depth of sound and wash of distance.

The mellow energy, the snap of the rhythm, the reverb and poignancy – the first half of the track feels like a dreamy anthem of escapism, a moment to lose yourself in while reflecting on a broken relationship.

As the song goes on, its structure proves all the more unique, the whole thing even coming to an end without resolving back to the vocal and melody from the start. Instead of this arena-style moment of euphoria, we’re presented with a rhythmic rap vocal for increased levels of passion, energy, and resentment. The concept has come to a head, the truth revealed, and the song veers off into this with a switch from Marco and an ultimately versatile latter half.

An interesting single, likable throughout, showcasing two artists who each bring something recognisably new to the scene.

Single out February 27th with the video set for March 1st. Check out Navin Bhatt on Instagram & Spotify. Check out Marco George on Instagram & Spotify.

Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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