NATSTAR - MONEY TALK II - Stereo Stickman



Already renowned for an impressively creative and captivating contribution to the modern scene, hip hop’s NATSTAR somehow delivers his most alluring and engaging project yet, with the skilful and devoted MONEY TALK II.

FIRST OFF starts things up perfectly well, an acoustic riff paired with heavy bass and fragments of thoughtful sound-design, which backs up the cleanly mixed vocal lead and compelling bars of NATSTAR throughout a series of clever and confident bars.

The seven-track project continues to switch gears in subtle ways, both in storytelling and musicality.

Consider the vastly-streamed single LOCK as a fine example, musically fresh and lower toned in its dealing with a more heartfelt, painful storyline and scene.

There’s depth and emotion intertwined with style and a clearly born to perform sound throughout the new collection. The music is ambient, easy to escape into, and the performances are refreshingly interesting, meaningful, and indicative of an artist with something to say but also an unwavering love for the sheer fun of the process. Well worth a few streams this season and beyond.

Download or stream MONEY TALK II here. Check out NatStar on Twitter & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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