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Natalie Jean & Levi Moore The Letting Go


The first thing to grab you about this track is likely to be the drama and thickness of the music. The stylish crafting of the song and the crisp finish production-wise have led to a gradually evolving, intense and emotional soundscape that carries the song really well. The pace is fairly mellow, but the beat is heavy and quite striking – as is the quick presentation of the acoustic guitar part, a somewhat organic sound that heightens the intensity and adds so much to the ambiance.

Music aside for a second, the songwriting is where things get personal – where things connect in a more intimate and communicable sort of way. Natalie Jean’s smooth and gentle voice offers up the first verse – a certain delicacy that contrasts effectively with the thick drum line and the somewhat manic or anticipating guitar part. Her voice falls into the mix like another instrument, brightening things up, enhancing the ambiance. It’s only really when you get to the satisfying resolve of the hook that the lyrics really start to take shape in your mind. The second and third times you listen you pick up on way more about the sentiment and the underlying ideas. It’s an inspiring song, learning to move forwards is important – to get over and get on with things. The song hits with impact, it’s powerful, and this concept is well represented.

The set-up of one voice for the first verse and another for the second is not all that common in modern music. It works best when there’s a noticeable contrast, a clear cut set of differences that lay out the two leading characters and their sides of the story or their input. Levi Moore’s voice adds a gorgeous new dynamic to an already enjoyable and calming piece of music and writing. The two artists together offer so much passion and skill that their performances are mesmerising. The detail throughout this entire release is beautiful, it’s a carefully crafted single that has been so well captured that you can listen on repeat and not get tired of the unfolding mightiness and magic.

Find & follow Natalie Jean on Facebook or visit her Website for more information. Check out co-writer Michael  Peloso’s Website or Levi Moore’s Website for more music & info.

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