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Naomi K You’re In My Head


Naomi K’s You’re In My Head is a gentle and mellow-paced pop-rock song that offers a verse melody with a slight and surprisingly grunge-like or Savage Garden vibe about it. If at first the song feels like your classic, simple, accessible singer-songwriter offering, it later grows to become something more of a genre or style-fusing piece. It has these recognisable qualities that are subtle but effective nonetheless.

By all accounts, the song reaches out to a wide audience – anyone and everyone who has felt this sense of infatuation and over-thinking about a particualr person. There’s also a lot that is unique to Naomi K’s own sense of performance though. Her approach is fairly low-key, the melody doesn’t veer away from a select few notes much, and the doubled vocal effect adds to that mildly grunge-like ambiance. As the track develops, the music wanders a little more freely, an unexpected guitar solo comes into play and breaks up the repetition of that hook. As this continues, the intensity grows, the key switches things up a few notches, the passion increases, and the whole thing works towards its big finish in a fitting way.

It’s always interesting to see which songs surprise and which ones fall below par based on those subconscious presumptions we make as they start to play. In this case, the song grows more and more enjoyable as it moves along, and there’s a fairly notable balance achieved between nostalgia and now that also works in its favour.

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