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Following this summer’s uniquely creative release NIGHTBUTTERFLYnaldooo puts a whole lot of modern life into his latest album – not to mention skill and musical expertise. The result is something surprisingly eclectic, endlessly melodic, and consistently impressive. Rather than allowing himself to be pigeonholed, naldooo takes full advantage of the album format and introduces his varied influences from the offset.

Where Dead Names kicks things off with a memorable fusion of melody and rap, a hint of melancholy and a mood not unlike that of the late Lil Peep’s music (a familiarity noted last time around), No Entry to Parc 19 follows on with far more of a punk-pop aura. The latter song’s hook kicks off among a distorted indie-rock backdrop and is joined soon after by a heavy bass-line and a hip hop beat. That original essence remains though – the project holds on to your attention with various different styles and colors, but pretty quickly you learn the sound and vibe that is the artist and Royaltty Wealtth Hearrt Faitth in general.

Umbrella Ready Before It Rains takes the form of a classic hip hop track, a simple beat and a hypnotic riff lay out the soundscape, meanwhile a high energy rap-flow pours through and showcases some of the best of the artist’s abilities as a lyricist and a rapper. After this, the intensity is softened by the notably indie-pop-inspired Bring A Feeling (Feat. Thalia). The melody and the delicacy contrast really well with what came before, thus reinforcing that creative freedom at the heart of naldooo’s musical drive.

Stirring things up further is Gossip (No Secret), a colourful electronic piece with a gentle and easily recognisable melody-line and concept – a definite highlight for its minimalism, its use of space, and the genuine, heartfelt nature of the lyrics and the performances. That’s What Bruno Likes (Feat. My$tik) follows and keeps this easy-going vibe alive and well. The melodic vocals hold close to the sound of today – that alternative, emo-rap approach that seems to connect with ease right now.

It’s around this point in the project you start to focus in on a fair few of naldooo’s lyrics – there’s fun in here, for sure, but there’s also a lot of heart, of depth and consideration. Love Is Overrated is a good example of this. Trees I Will later on is another, an almost acoustic, incredibly honest and emotional track that’s easily a highlight for its realness.

During the latter half of the project, you start to think a little more deeply on the track names and the ideas naldooo is presenting with his writing. Rice Had Become Porridge is a near-metal style explosion of vocal passion with a distinctively creative beat that builds up and falls away brilliantly. This kind of expression works well because it lets you feel a little closer to the artist but also gather that there’s more here than can be seen on the surface – which is refreshing in today’s musical climate. Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind (Feat. YUNO) follows and fuses a simple guitar riff and a laid-back beat to craft an ambient, smooth mood around you.

The penultimate track on the album is Codeine=Medicine, one that feels like something of an anthem for dispirited youth. The musical backdrop is one of the most colourful, simple yet effective, and the hook undoubtedly makes certain you remember and recognise it after listening even just once.

Following this, things take one last unpredictable turn as naldooo introduces an acoustic ambiance and an almost whispered vocal, melodic and deeply thoughtful – drawing you in with passion and vulnerability alike. The second half sees the song burst into heavy metal – the singer’s voice explodes into grit and volume; utilizing contrast well yet again. It’s a great way to wrap up the album and it reminds you one last time of the sheer creative freedom at the centre of naldooo’s musicality. There’s plenty to be found throughout this playlist that will both connect and entertain. naldooo does what he does, without concern – however the moment requires – and it works.

Download or stream the album here or via Bandcamp. Find & follow naldooo on Facebook, Soundcloud & Instagram. Check out our interview with him here.



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