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Nahhdahh Sad Day (Feat. & Prod. by Harris The KnowItAll)


Nahhdahh’s Sad Day holds nothing back as it pours through with intensity and honesty – reflecting on recent world issues and events in an uninhibited and striking manner.

Touching on plenty that’s wrong in the world at present, the track leads with a dark beat and a heavy lyrical backbone. Producer Harris The KnowItAll has crafted the perfect soundscape within which Nahhdahh’s lyricism can stand as tall as possible. The vocal rhythm subsequently moves through with impact – short lines grab attention and a varied flow sees the progressive sections of the track work well to hold on to it. Harris The KnowItAll’s feature on the second verse also makes a difference in keeping things fresh and creatively interesting.

As an artist, Nahhdahh impresses more and more so as Sad Day moves along. Not only is the track conceptually poignant and impossible to ignore, but it introduces a lyrically thoughtful creative – a writer and performer with an articulate and socially aware approach to artistry. Though the topics are heavy, their presence within the world is too, so this representation makes sense as you ponder the ideas and the underlying concept of desensitization. You rightfully begin to question whether we have become numb to struggle and pain when its presence seems to run so strongly throughout our society and our news outlets.

Nahhdahh directly references a number of scandals but never dwells for too long on a single story – the whole thing stays focused on this blanket of awareness and thought that is the depth and vastness of Sad Day. 

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