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Naga Brujo Canceled


Austin’s Naga Brujo crank up the tempo and volume with faultless precision and passion united, as their four-track EP Canceled takes on the modern world with intensity and anthemic embrace alike.

Exploding into action with the fiercely fast-paced and nostalgically infectious Sick Sad World, the project showcases a classic punk-rock progression and a soaring drum-show to boot, and makes fine use of two equally characterful leading voices. Immediately there’s a sense of comforting leadership amidst the anti-authoritarian punk-rock aura.

On the surface, all four of these songs reach out for their sheer energy and the clever resolve to a catchy, memorable hook-line in every case. Underneath this though, and with each revisit to the EP, the lyrics pierce through the noise with a little more urgency and relevance.

Consider the mellow pace and clarity of Black Magick, wherein the nuances of the main voice stand tall for their power and identity as much so as the motivational energy of the delivery.

Then we get the lighter-hearted tumble of those impressive drums guiding us into a bass-thick, grunge-kissed Slug, and the mood reverts back to the all-night rock-rave escapism; less about the lyricism, more about the mood.

Again, this is temporary – Naga Brujo make sure their words connect, ultimately. For now though, Slug works its magic in representing the concept with tone, weight, distortion and angst.

Closing down the EP is another punk-rock anthem that relights the unity and precision of the opener with stylish riff-work and some well-placed, almost freestyle-esque moments, amidst an entirely unpredictable structure that ultimately captivates; for its fearless commitment to artistry.

The sudden calm and melodic beauty of Fever Dreamer welcomes in a kind of sixties-style acoustic moment, the tuneful and poetic core repeating and resounding as the energy slowly but surely regathers its ferocity.

Immediately engaging but all the more interesting and enjoyable the more time you spend with it, Canceled skilfully walks the line between longing for times past and living on the very cusp of modern society. No doubt Naga Brujo hit with greater impact still at a live show.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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