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Myyora After Eight


London’s Myyora hits with impeccable impact as this brand new, creatively unpredictable and soulful new alternative pop track emerges.

The stylish and quickly engaging After Eight first appeals for its pristine, expressive soundscape and the immediately unique tone and quality of Myyora’s voice. Soon enough, the structure compels as it lays bare a meandering story-line and melody, and this is joined by an equally varied vocal flow, complete with higher peaks and lower moments alike.

The further along things move, as you’re drawn in all the more-so by this imagery and the clear sense of identity that is the sound and the vocal lead, the song’s concept begins to connect with even more strength. Throw in a raw, piano-led outro, and the whole thing in its completed state proves a powerfully refreshing take on contemporary pop and RnB – and introduces Myyora in a striking, memorable fashion.

The piano-led outro is actually just a fragment of the organic song lying just beneath this superb production work. Myyora’s acoustic piano version of After Eight introduces the writing and performance in a pure and intimate state – the likely setting in which it all was first created.

This step away from production allows for a much-welcomed live sound, and further seals the deal in terms of proving outright that Myyora has a boldly beautiful, interesting and immensely capable vocal style. The song connects in a new way once again, leading with a soul and jazz core that soothes the mind and simultaneously lights up a whole new aspect of the artist’s aura.

Fantastic songwriting, meandering from uplifting to mildly melancholic in a captivating manner, performed to a sublime and fairly mesmerizing level. I look forward to hearing more.

Download After Eight via Bandcamp or iTunes. Check out Myyora on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram or visit her Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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