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Mystery Math Waiting Game


Fresh from the upcoming album Finally Found It, expected April 2nd, Mystery Math’s new single Waiting Game leads with a seductive organic set-up, whose simplicity and melodic calm are quick to embrace listeners.

Driving with a fairly familiar four-piece progression, Waiting Game falls into the room with a sort of beach-side swagger and carefree colour about it. There’s optimism and tiredness to the delivery, the spaciousness around layers furthering the latter quality, and this balance actually works well to represent the underlying concept of waiting.

Things progress at a steady pace, changing just slightly every few bars, but consistently resolving back to this rise and fall or wave-like wash of calm and life united.

Great bass work, subtle yet effective – a trait that rings true of the entire musical set-up in fact. Mystery Math take inspiration from what they know works and connects in music, and weave into this their own freely meandering energy and presence.

With Chris Halverson on guitar, bass, synth and mellotron, and Greg Evangelista on drums, the duo strike up a notably immersive sense of oneness. An easy place to relax for a while.

Download Waiting Game via Bandcamp. Check out Mystery Math on Facebook.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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