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Myles Thomas Dance Like You Don’t Care


Summer strikes early this year, as Myles Thomas brings the tribal groove, classic good-vibes piano and rising EDM intensity, for Dance Like You Don’t Care.

Instantly nostalgic for its soca-like bounce and the simplicity of those keys, Dance Like You Don’t Care lifts the mood of the room with ease, and proceeds to weave in an unexpectedly bold vocal lead; one that quite cleverly ties in with this idea of dancing like you don’t care.

Passionate in tone and delivery, higher-noted than the majority of the soundscape, the vocal thread of Dance Like You Don’t Care adds a somewhat dissonant counterpart to an otherwise quickly familiar track. For the extended mix, the vocal is more fragmented, the energy of the production gifted a little more time to embrace its listener, but ultimately in both cases the song leaves its mark indefinitely.

‘Dance like you don’t give a damn what people think’ resounds and repeats, more than in keeping with the performative joy and displacement of the voice itself, and helping ground the song amidst purpose and positivity – precisely the qualities music fans seek out when hitting the dance floor.

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Rebecca Cullen

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