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Myles Alexander Anxiety (Feat. Brave Sound)


The UK’s own Myles Alexander lays bare his vulnerabilities on this ambient and deeply thoughtful new single.

Openly addressing a vastly familiar set of emotions for most right now, Anxiety is a breath of musical calm contrasted by an honest display of inner struggle, which connects in a profound way.

Everything from the delicate and dreamlike soundscape, to Myles’ own intimate and breathy vocal delivery, creates a sense of depth and mental awareness that perfectly well encapsulates the concept at hand. More than this though, the song has been structured and crafted in a professional and likeable way. Not merely an outpouring of inner demons, but a melodically entrancing, satisfying song, which stylishly meanders through territories both trip-hop and RnB inspired.

A softly soulful presentation, with contemporary tones but a refreshingly human writing and performance style, help make this an addictive hit of escapism that’s likely to feel immensely poignant for many at present. Beautifully done.

Can’t see the light, can’t see the end… Stay in the dark and hide away…

Represented by Top Hits Today, download or stream the single here.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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