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Mya Project Lost In Words


Precisely and passionately uniting a strength of songwriting with a creatively engaging approach to production, Mya Project welcomes in the new year with the deeply-heartfelt and uniquely cinematic Lost In Words.

The second single to emerge from the upcoming album Dystopia, Lost In Words follows a low-toned vocal for its verses, before shortening the lyrical form with a brighter resolve towards its hook.

The music progresses from the simplicity of a looping piano part and dashes of atmospheric strings, whilst our protagonist captivates with brief yet striking, poetic lyrics. ‘I am nothing’ resounds as a quiet yet gripping opening line, and this intrigue and self-reflection continues to compel the listener as the music evolves and gathers momentum.

Feeling both profoundly personal and broadly accessible for its vagueness and apparent relatability, Lost In Words has the makings of a stripped-back dance-pop or trip hop classic – the kind of timeless hit of escapism that music fans tend to crave, to connect with on some addictive level, and to return to again and again as time goes by.

Coming in at over five minutes in length, Mya Project has crafted everything about Lost In Words with purpose and a clear devotion to sentiment. The instrumental space between vocal parts is refreshing, helps reinforce the song’s overall identity, and gifts the listener plenty of time to consider and immerse themself in the ideas and feelings.

Later on, the lyrics slowly return to enchant, and the music and voice regroup for one last rise up into ethereal realms of emotion and even desperation; to connect, to understand, to be understood. It’s a song that can mean something slightly different to all who delve in, and that’s what gives it such a lasting degree of presence.

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Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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