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Musy Da Don On Me


Catchy RnB vibes keep things classic yet contemporary throughout the hypnotic new anthem from rapper and artist Musy Da Don.

Featuring ambient, melodic production and heavy trap rhythms, On Me leads with a musical weight and delicacy combined, and infuses a clearly recognisable vocal alongside this for a defiant edge of identity and character.

Feeling something like a freestyle on occasion, the long-form outpouring tips its hat to the classic rap-melody sound-play of a simpler era, yet the production and the clarity of the voice helps elevate things creatively towards the current scene.

Weave in a gritty rap verse during the mid-section and the near four-minute release utilises dynamic and evolution throughout, to tell its story and keep the vibe constant. The energy rises subtly but with smooth precision and purpose, always resolving back to that familiar twist, yet highlighting versatility in flow and approach regardless every step of the way.

A refreshing, softly motivational take on the 2022 hip hop sound, an infectious pop hit with a simple, looping hook that lingers indefinitely. Musy Da Don has a sound of his own. Hopefully there’s more music to follow.

Download On Me here. Check out Musy Da Don on Instagram or grab clothing.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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