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Muntu Valdo Musseing (2Seas Sessions)


Muntu Valdo brings a totally vast range of influences to his music, or to put it differently, he offers something distinctly original that rings true to his own experiences and artistry. Musseing is a live performance from his recent 2Seas Session and it’s a beautiful introduction to Valdo’s creativity and musicianship.

Throughout this single recording, the song meanders off and around you in a number of different ways. To listen from a distance is perhaps to assume this is the sound of a full-band, a group of world music enthusiasts jamming together. In reality, everything you hear is Muntu Valdo. He is, by all accounts, a one-man-band extraordinaire. His live show in this case spans across more than nine minutes, and being the true artist that he is, he completely utilises every moment with creative flair, emotional expression, colour, beauty, and an unwavering sense of rhythm.

Today’s world is over flowing with new music on a daily basis, in some cases we tend to see or hear something we like but later forget about it or move on to different things. In other cases, the uplifting feeling of positivity and of being notably impressed is impossible to forget. This is something you get from witnessing Muntu Valdo perform his songs. By the end of this clip, the music has evolved into this multi-layered ocean of audio and movement and possibility. The delicacy of his voice and of his playing fuses with the passion in his heart and offers something easy to embrace and yet striking to really pay attention to. As an artist and a multi-instrumentalist, Valdo brings something vibrant and beautiful to the stage – taking a little of all that is great in the music world, and with it, building something brand new, of equal greatness.

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