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Mr. Riopelle TOP ERA


Freely bridging the gaps between hip hop and dance, between comedy and artistic identity, Mr. Riopelle crafts a floor-filler with lashings of personality, for the sexually provocative and undeniably catchy new single Top Era.

An earworm by nature for its rhythm and character, but also quite instantly aiming high for its shock factor and the comical confidence of the bars, TOP ERA presents a concept that feels cleverly in tune with the good-vibes and colourful production of its dance backdrop.

‘I’m entering my top era’ resounds in a playful and fearlessly bold manner – qualities that naturally meet with the image and presentation of Mr. Riopelle on social media. The rapper and artists notes a short bio on Instagram – “Jim Morrison from the front, Bette Midler from the back.” and proceeds to encapsulate that juxtaposed energy throughout every aspect of his music and performance.

Just two-minutes and ten seconds in full, with plenty of distortion and retro effects on the vocal layers, TOP ERA drives with a yesteryear anthemic riff and a shifting musical landscape loaded with keys, rhythms, synth, bass and multiple vocal fragments to reinforce the main set of bars.

Almost freestyle-like at its core, TOP ERA makes sure to depict a sense of having fun with the songwriting artform, and the result is something that’s impossible to ignore – and also instantly recognisable once its crossed your path.

Find Mr. Riopelle on Instagram or his Website.

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