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Mr. MooQ Dreaming In Color


Mr MooQ’s Dreaming In Colour offers almost exactly the sort of soundscape you’d imagine when you stumble upon this as a song title. The ambiance is delicately colourful, relevantly dreamlike, gentle and warm. As the leading vocal comes into play, it adds a level of grit and weight that drives things in a more indie-like manner – it’s a touch of intention, of humanity, and it guides the experience as per the artist (rather than simply letting the listener decide where the moment takes them). This works well in the respect that the song becomes a little more accessible to fans of pop – electro-pop, synth-pop – it opens the door to anyone and everyone who can relate to a melody and a string of lyrics that connect; and in this case, a topic that is widely understandable.

The lyrics for the song turn out to be beautifully hopeful and loaded with appropriate positivity. This too makes you grateful for the introduction of that voice, it gives the song purpose, a specific sense of drive. It also moves things into more intimate and personal realms, the relationship references make this the perfect choice to share a moment with a significant other. The song introduces a certain lightness to the room, a laid-back ambiance and a set of ideas that allow audiences to switch of from the stresses of daily life.

As is often the case with Mr MooQ’s music, the overall sound falls somewhere between the retro tones of a simpler time and the electronic, trip-hop or jazz-cafe vibes that continue to bless the airwaves even today. All of this in unison makes it a song for just about anyone who will hear the appeal in this concept and this use of melody, of mild funk, and that uplifting chord progression.

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