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Mr. MooQ Double Happiness


Floating along somewhere between the styles of Owl City and a lighter-hearted Depche Mode, Mr. MooQ’s performance of Double Happiness brings together layers upon layers of retro keys and colourful synths. Running in unison with the music, the song’s heavily effected delivery of the melody hits like a happy-go-lucky, dance-pop-fusion song that seeks to uplift and inspire joyfulness. The accompanying video for the song bounces along on a similarly retro or vintage pathway, the animation tipping its hat to a simpler time yet admittedly feeding into the underlying energy of the song pretty well.

The song’s concept is that of romance evolving into long-lasting love. The energy of the track consistently reflects the positivity embedded within this idea, so you get something that reaches out in a familiar way to anyone and everyone who can relate to that sentiment. The musical aspects actually make up more of the overall vibe than the lyrics, you get a totally immersive feel from the audio – this ocean of sound and synths and riffs and effects is driven out by means of an upbeat and easy to vibe to rhythm. The structure of the song adds to this, there are certain moments where everything falls away almost entirely, then rises back up accordingly.

The more you listen to the song, the more it feels like a familiar or recognisable, quirky pop-dance track, perhaps one from a slightly simpler time. There’s a touch of Daft Punk to the style of the progression and that generally retro mood and vocal sound. Certain riffs really stay with you after listening in a memorable, hopeful pop manner, and this too helps give the track and the Mr. MooQ sound a sense of style and character.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

One response to “Mr. MooQ – Double Happiness

  1. Great up-tempo fun infectious tune!

    I do believe there’ s someone out there for (pretty much) everyone. And when you find a right one to share life with, pain shared is pain divided but joy shared is joy multiplied. That’s what this song is all about (to me).

    Love the tune. I’m gonna re-play it again right now!

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