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Mr MooQ Are We Good?


Mr MooQ’s latest offering is an uplifting EDM track with a euro-pop style melody and sense of optimism. Having framed it this way though, Are We Good? evolves to become something of its own entirely – as is often the style of Mr MooQ’s creative approach.

The song’s hook drops in with a whole new vibe – this moment is a little more pop-rock and hard-hitting than the verses seem to imply. That uplifting build-up still exists and works well, but there’s a definite hint of unpredictability to the structure of the whole release, and this helps give it a level of character and originality.

The search for love and relationship resolve is the central sentiment of the writing on this track. At the same time, there’s a general air of togetherness and relevance to life itself – you can transfer these values, thanks to vague and poetic wording, and let the song be whatever you need it to be.

Mr MooQ’s use of reality followed by hope and possibility helps drive the underlying ideas of the song through in an applicable way. At the same time, the pop-rock bounce of the finished track is a classic pleasure to listen to. The song has a great hook that stays with you for quite a while after listening.

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Rebecca Cullen

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