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Mr. MiLK Blue Raspberry


Freshly-released from the longer-project of the same name, Mr. MiLK‘s new single Blue Raspberry presents an intriguing realm of sound-design, cinematic and mysterious from the outset, with a broad range of unorthodox details capturing interest with ease.

Ultimately industrial and uniquely intense at its peak, Blue Raspberry feels like electronic experimentation intertwined with a sort of live rock show improvisation of distortion and street-side chaos.

On the one hand we’re swept up in the volume and fullness of this mob-style energy and sound, and on the other we’re quietly compelled to tune in for the rising anticipation coming from a distant stage.

Fascinating as ever, Mr. MiLK approaches music production from a place of unrivaled intricacy and purpose. Perhaps this is the very workings of a creative mind, expressively captured by way of a meandering, unpredictable yet rhythmically hypnotic progression from uncertainty to power and back again.

The Blue Raspberry album continues in this fashion, repeatedly luring the listener into these devotedly unorthodox realms of sound, before suddenly gripping them within the darkness and depth of its true intentions.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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