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Mr. Kushgang Seasons XoXo


Emerging complete with the ambiance and artwork designed to embrace and compliment the song’s concept, Mr. Kushgang’s Seasons XoXo is a stylish, poetically captivating and rhythmic dream – the perfect jazz-hip-hop fusion to calm an anxious mind.

Featuring the melodic vocal stylings of a soulful Floydie, Seasons XoXo seems to have all of the building blocks in the right place. From the offset, this simple keys-led introduction sets the mood, flickers of retro jazz help build a mildly electronic aura alongside the organic. Then you get Mr. Kushgang’s voice, which kicks in with a sort of smooth and subtle confidence – a vocal depth that engages, a flawless rhythm and flow, and a series of poetic metaphors and appreciative ideas that genuinely bring something new to the scene.

This feels like intelligent rap, but not the sort that dwells on the bigger or more complex issues in life. There’s a humble and grateful core to the writing, which again suits the mood of the music, and the easy-going idea of the changing seasons, beautifully well.

Not only is the soundscape and overall groove quickly likable, but Mr. Kushgang’s voice, his tone and his faultless delivery, his writing, all adds something genuinely refreshing to the contemporary hip hop and alternative pop scene. In addition, Floydie’s seductive hook offers a welcomed resolve, and an addictive little hit of well-placed recognisability.

A personal favourite from this month so far. Hopefully there’s more to come.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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