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Mr. Faia Places I Called Home


An ever-contemplative and reflective Mr. Faia delivers his latest collection of instrumentals, under the invitingly titled and aptly colourful project of Places I Called Home.

Featuring familiar rhythms and lo fi tendencies that quickly set the mood, the album also makes sure to weave in plenty of identity and creative experimentation, and this much is clear from the opening track Compton CA (131st & Wilmington).

The music blends sci-fi fragments of mildly effected synths and melodies, amidst a cascading arena of sound and colour, all of which proves intriguing, hypnotic, and softly cinematic, as it effectively prompts thoughts of the location and the stories that accompany the artist’s memory of it.

Next we move over to Oakland CA (’round Lake Merritt), and the mood is mellow, simple, dreamy. Familiarity reigns, keys lead alongside hits of distant drama and incoming warped melodies that again feel like freestyle expressions of events and emotions.

For Houston (Clutch City Soul), subtle industrial flavours meet with ethereal echoes of softness, for what proves a deeply enchanting piece, scattered with layers of vocal soul for an added level of humanity and rising passion. A personal favourite.

As the ten-track album continues, eclecticism proves a clear strength. The pace remains, the mood always relevant, but the details and creativity stand tall amidst this.

Consider the bass-led retro flair of Country Club Hills IL, or the nostalgic lightness and calm of Norfolk VA (Dream With Me). Variation keeps things interesting, the places and these thoughts of home forever letting the mind wander accordingly within each soundscape.

During the latter half, subtle dance intricacies light up the hip hop energy of Chicago IL (Settin’ These Goals) – suddenly inspiring with its poetic rap vocal affirmations. Then Long Beach CA switches gears entirely for a piano-lead and a bold sense of rising anticipation that soon envelops you.

Richmond CA makes for another highlight, familiar yet unusual in its creative production and poetic imagery; even the personality of the features. The whole thing has swagger and uncertainty in equal parts, provoking thought and leaving a feeling of serenity at the same time.

We then move over to San Diego CA, for a delicate and almost insomniac-charged hit of consideration and change, right before the again industrial and nearly haunting elements of Portsmouth VA (Victory Crossing) bring things to an unexpectedly dark and interesting finish.

In every case, the various building blocks of each location are presented with faultless unity – the bass to the rhythm to the melodies to the effects, and everything in between. Mr. Faia creates from a place of fearlessly imaginative artistry, and the music as a result gifts the listener the same realm of exploration to enjoy. An easy place to escape into right about now.

Download or stream Places I Called Home here. Check out Mr. Faia on Instagram or read our interview.

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