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Mr. Bliss Take You Home


Furthering their reach with yet another smooth, colorful and genre-bending new single, Mr. Bliss lead with retro tones and refreshing songwriting – a balance that works beautifully just the way it is right now.

Take You Home is a powerful and rather stunning new single, one that quickly progresses from good to great as the various sections and the real truth and grit of the story come into play.

From the offset, a sort of electro-funk aura emerges – subtle layers of mildly nostalgic, vintage instrumentation, with a distance, effected yet accessible vocal line.

The words appeal early on, always a trait of the band’s – that ability to say something that connects, but to do so in an uncommon and satisfying way. As the structure starts to works its magic though, the melody evolves to engage and captivate all the more strongly, and the lyrics effectively follow suit. While the verses are interesting, they are far less striking and memorable when compared with what comes later on.

In line with these changes, the soundscape too builds up brilliantly. Subtlety grows into blatent expression, quietness into outright angst and attitude. You lie to my face resounds towards the end, and meanwhile multiple layers of keys and guitars intertwine, along with multiple vocal parts, to ultimately take you through the absolute passion of the final stages of the story in an incredibly artistic and relevant fashion.

Then it ends, and there’s only the call of the replay to tide you over. Rightfully though, the whole thing hits a little harder once you’ve familiarized yourself with that hook. Fantastic songwriting, and a sound that’s genuinely something of its own at present. Turn this one up loud.

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