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MppKeyz Til The Morning


Fresh from the album Keyz Locks & Chains, Till the Morning introduces the MppKeyz sound and style in a lasting way.

Setting the mood with ease, a slowly emerging ambiance creates a cinematic sense of immersion – as well as tipping its hat back to the simpler hip hop set-ups of times past.

To then weave in a clearly contemporary vocal sound, from the shape of the bars, the flows, to the auto-tune and production, is to effectively gift listeners a stylish fusion of yesteryear and the sound of today.

MppKeyz keeps the bars fast, the outpouring relentless – contrasting notably with the mellow groove of the music. So many lyrics hit throughout that a single listen is far from enough, particularly considering the vocal effects and the frequency at which the rapper switches up his flow.

Moments of melody and various structural shifts help keep things engaging every step of the way. Meanwhile, the story is told, personal and intriguing, with the occasional familiar reference for feelings of confidence and drive.

An addictively rhythmic vocal track with a likable ambiance and a welcomed resolve and hook that help elevate things – to memorable and impressive realms all at once.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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