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MPO Our New Plan


Featuring a relentless rhythm that drives right through the heart of the track, and some soft, sweetly sung female vocals, Our New Plan floats through your consciousness for three energetic, Latino-flavoured minutes.

The reggaeton snare sings out and the acoustic guitars thrum away as flanged percussive lines float in and out of the mix, sometimes sounding a little like aircraft taking off and landing. 

Chords are allowed to hang over into the next pattern, creating a hypnotic sense of chillout. And then at other times something that sounds like treated klaxons leads the bleed-over into the next pattern… it feels like a slightly odd choice, as all of the transitions are mixed very front and centre, but it keeps the interest focused on the vocals and the song’s message – and is certainly pretty unique sonically.

Sounding a little like Morcheeba’s Skye Edwards, the female vocals tell of a new plan that’s going to bamboozle our enemies, which is nice! A male rapper comes in about a third of the way through to further drive that point home.

I can imagine it tapping into the fan-base of songs like the all-conquering Despacito, but this is actually something quite different. Melodically more fluid and complex than a first listen permits, Our New Plan plays with texture in subtle ways, with keys and guitar and percussion swapping prominence throughout the track, while there are spoken word lines in telephone voice and an ever-present and extremely busy and warm bass-line providing energy and heart throughout.

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Chris Porter


As well as writing about music, Chris Porter is a songwriter, singer, producer & vocal coach. He has written for all manner of international artists, including Dagny, Dzeko, and hit the No.1 spot with Thailand’s Singto Numchok. His music has had thousands of placements on film, TV & radio all around the globe.

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