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Mowille Ride N Roll


Catchy pop meets with organic guitar rhythms and contemporary hip hop tones as Mowille blends all manner of genres throughout a bass-heavy yet melodic Ride N Roll.

Creatively incorporating a number of qualities that give it character, Ride N Roll presents the sound of Mowille’s voice and the infectious funk of the soundscape in a memorable way.

The bass cuts in with a certain suddenness intermittently, which proves as surprising as the vocal variations throughout – the inflections, the depth, whether melody or rap; there’s versatility and even theatre in the passionate delivery and constant changes, and all of this feeds into the energy of the song and its underlying intentions.

Not an easy one to get out of your head once it’s arrived. Gentle in some ways, summertime ready and easy going, intense and heavy in others and with the impact of vocal grit to further this.

Mowille has crafted a quirky yet effective and ultimately motivational pop hit with Ride N Roll.

Download or stream Ride N Roll here.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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