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Morning Café Sunday / Morning Routine


Morning Café offers up a refreshing approach to creative expression with both of these recent single releases. Sunday was admittedly the first to grab me, a delicate jazz-cafe vibe emerges with a subsequently calm and collected rap vocal – one that quietly reminds you to appreciate the little things, and to have your priorities and your gratitude arranged accordingly.

The rapper’s story-telling is heartfelt and captivating, his voice is gentle and softly raspy, all of which flows through beautifully on top of this partly organic and somewhat vintage sounding beat. The whole thing has a wonderfully calming mood about it, leaving you feeling settled, capable, optimistic and, as suggested, grateful for the day.

Morning Routine sees things move in the direction of alternative EDM, a spacious and rather retro beat pours through – flashes of colour in the form of classic synths; even a flicker of piano and a few industrial markers of character. The groove kicks in for the better at around the 40 second mark – the music reaches a fullness that’s easy to escape into.

Though the retro energy is strong, and this is true of both tracks but in different ways, you still get a sense of fresh escapism from it – there aren’t too many producers putting this kind of electronic ambiance out these days. The rhythm and energy in this case is surprisingly uplifting, motivational in its own strange way, and extremely enjoyable for the alternative EDM fans out there who miss the simpler days.

While there are vast creative differences, both of these releases offer up entrancing qualities – this is music to let play, to let fill the room with positivity. An impressive set of a skills and a humble love for the art-form make the music connect in a natural way.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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