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Montana Millz & Queen JuJu Gangster Sh**


Melodically catchy, rhythmically addictive, bass-heavy and cinematic in equal parts – Montana Millz and Queen JuJu collaborate for the smooth and fearlessly confident new anthem Gangster Sh**.

Featuring intoxicating wind-pipe melodies and brilliantly crisp bars from both Queen JuJu and Montana Millz, Gangsta Sh** feels like a classic Hip Hop gem for its outstanding sound-design and the concise, clean presentation of these hard-hitting bars.

The whole thing is admittedly brief, less than two minutes in full and only one verse each for the featured rappers, but it works perfectly in this setting. Always we resolve to the title and hook sentiment, the peak of the groove, and meanwhile those melodies, bass-lines and the uplifting beat all work hard to keep us engaged and entertained.

Somehow both a catchy floor-filler and a strong introduction to indie artists Montana Millz and Queen JuJu, Gangsta Sh** emerges under JAM Entertainment/CREATE.Digital Music/Virgin Music Group.

This is the debut collaborative release from husband and wife duo Montana Millz and Queen JuJu, and it highlights a clear connection between them, as well as a faultlessly skillful flow and storytelling from both. Hopefully there’s plenty more music to follow.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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