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Monstrous Ends


New music from the elusive Monstrous always makes for an easy reason to escape somewhere quiet and listen. In this case, contemplation and calm guide us with subtle pace and colour, as Not A Soul wraps its comforting yet intriguing arms around us, for the opening moments of Ends.

An album instantly recognisable for that xx-style whispered vocal identity, the music proceeds to weave a series of uplifting webs, whether electronically-sourced or acoustic guitar and bass-built (Don’t Lie To Me). Always the tempo seems keen to get places whilst the music and performances hold back in a kind of endearing and thoughtful shyness.

The unmistakable So Bad marks an early highlight, and a wonderful reminder of all that made the Monstrous artistic identity shine so brightly in the first place.

Then we continue to uncover the freshly-crafted nuances of the sound in a plethora of engaging ways, with the likes of an aptly-colourful Spectre, a softly funky yet provocative Vacances, and a gorgeously delicate, guitar-led, hypnotic and self-reflective Wrong.

There’s plenty of humanity to this project, always subtle thanks to that quiet vocal sound, but drawing you in regardless and connecting in the process for the sheer calm and embrace of each arrangement.

The energy and bounce of You Want More appears at just the right moment, and afterwards we get an extensive composition of live-style soul-bearing and rhythmic, melodic seduction, for a raw and honest Bleeding.

Managing to both entertain and soothe listeners, whilst proving consistently recognisable as an artist, with just enough professionalism and passion intertwined for impact, Monstrous delivers a blissfully moving collection with Ends. It’s subtle yet mighty in the moods laid out, and there’s something vastly refreshing about the humility and realness of the style. A dream to get lost within this winter.

Grab the album via Bandcamp.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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