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Monstrous So Bad


Three original tracks make up the elusive yet colourful new project from creative outfit Monstrous.

Leading with a quickly hypnotic groove, So Bad‘s title-track presents a sense of peace and movement united, standing tall on organic rhythms and instrumental melody alone, before a quietly expressive vocal offers unexpected depth – a tuneful rise and fall akin to Americana and folk, to politely furthers the song’s natural reach.

Ultimately quiet and contemplative, the sound has hints of Johnny Cash on the one hand, and dashes of The XX on the other. It’s contemporary yet built from organic, potentially unplugged instruments, with the slight exception of a meandering, rising synth-line in the distance; a crucial trait of the uniquely enveloping Monstrous sound.

As things progress, distorted bass ramps things up a few more notches, unexpected again but in keeping with the natural flow and embrace of the whole.

The second track comes in the form of a Sunset Mix of So Bad. Groove takes the reigns again but here we’re in an electronic arena of reverb-kissed reflection and subtly euphoric implications.

Also included in the collection is a quirky take called Destroy – a welcomed shift in gears and an intriguing follow-up, securing the Monstrous creative appeal for its experimental aspects and the brief yet striking nature of this digital-meets-acoustic presentation.

A familiar chord pattern and voice, lashings of space – this time the words and the intimacy connect on a fresh level, and the artist behind them, our protagonist, reaches out with vulnerability and realness. The static overtones bring you in closer, fascinated by the story at hand, the revelations and the artistry of the moment.

Really nicely done, short but sweet, memorable – hopefully a fitting introduction to an act with plenty more creativity to come.

Download So Bad via Bandcamp.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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