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Monsieur Shwill FUGA (Feat. Monica Mussungo)


Featuring stunningly delicate yet passionate vocals from Monica Mussungo, Paris composer and producer Monsieur Shwill drives with a brilliantly captivating soundscape and emotional intention on this latest single.

As an introduction to the creative, FUGA works beautifully. Feeling partly like classic trip hop escapism from yesteryear, and partly like a notably organic, neo-jazz groove – a moment of rhythm and spontaneity captured in time – the song offers up a series of quickly appealing elements; all which combine to craft something awesomely addictive.

FUGA at its core defines the process of emotional corrosion towards, ultimately, self-transformation. Shedding the weight of the past, emerging through struggle as something new; stronger, more capable. As this composition pours out and envelops you, this fine balance between organic strings and flickers of jazz-cafe electronica prompts you to contemplate the complexity of this process. Or, if preferred, you can purely let it work its magic in the manner that only heartfelt and artistic trip hop generally can.

The level of embrace is intense, this is why we turn to music of this nature, and the fact that you can simultaneously appreciate the musicianship at work adds a whole new realm to the experience.

Monsieur Shwill, as the solo wandering conductor, understands and is clearly connected to the art form, and from this you get an equally powerful connection to the moment and to yourself when you let the music play at volume. The unique layers and details here help make it something truly unique right now, and those nostalgic hints of classic trip hop and jazz simply offer up a professional and comforting touch of familiarity to welcome you aboard.

Superb. I look forward to hearing more.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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