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Monique Togara Just Like That


Riding high on an instantly catchy riff, the dreamy synths and soca-style rhythms of Just Like That pave the way beautifully for an exotic and bold performance from Monique Togara.

Ultimately intertwining aspects of RnB with dance-hall and cascading harmonies, Just Like That proves a world-music-infused pop offering, with long-form verses carving out a smooth pathway towards the passionate resolve and repeat of the hook.

There’s undoubtedly a heavy sense of nostalgia to Just Like That, but at the same time, the drop to the hook, as that beat returns and this choir of vocals embrace the listener, lets the whole thing ring loud with its own unique sense of identity and groove.

As an introduction to Monique Togara, the song underlines both a musical versatility and a defiant level of recognizable performative tone and personality. There’s diversity throughout the stages of the song itself, certain instances of delicacy contrasted by those that hit a little harder and with more weight and depth.

Currently studying music at Sony, Monique is clearly developing a pristine commercial sound, as per the knowledge and experience of her journey, and this approach and growth will no doubt connect with more and more listeners over time.

Monique’s vocals are faultless, and impressively recognizable – gritty enough to pierce through the noise, yet also seductive and smooth enough to effortlessly bridge the gaps between moments. Just Like That is an easy contender for mainstream airplay across the board, and hopefully speaks volumes on what fans can anticipate from Monique Togara in the coming months and years.

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