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Molly Green She is Mighty


The UK’s own Molly Green delivers a cinematic soul-pop anthem and groove designed to uplift.

Capturing a beautiful sense of contrast, from a childlike introduction and delicate verses through to an increasingly bold hook resolve and intimately honest outro, She Is Mighty structurally encapsulates the implications of its concept.

Dedicated to Molly’s own younger sister, She Is Mighty relays nearly whispered details of a seemingly quiet but ultimately powerful individual, and through a stylishly upfront bass and beat combination, alongside a subtle to striking performance, reinforces that storyline consistently.

Evocative and compelling, everything from Molly’s own vocal delivery – a finely-honed style no doubt perfected during her time at the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts – to the soulful production and film-like rise and fall, makes sure to constantly underline the inspiring sentiments of She Is Mighty.

As such, despite its clearly personal subject matter, this single makes for an instantly accessible, empowering and intoxicating anthem for any and all women, girls, and those blessed to know them.

Find Molly Green on Facebook, TikTok, Instagram & her Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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