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Moe Green’s Eye Who’ll Take Me Home


Moe Green’s Eye make an impressive return this month with their immediately uplifting yet heart-breakingly honest Who’ll Take Me Home.

From the opening moments, the song bursts into the room with the organic rock warmth of a timeless classic. The drums and the guitar-work appeal and connect from the offset – that chord progression has a certain familiarity that brings with it a welcomed touch of nostalgia. Then you get the leading vocal, a recognisable tone and style if you’ve heard their previous work, and with this comes the story-line.

Who’ll Take Me Home deals with the topic of time – the fact that it changes and ages all of us, and that nothing remains the same forever. The story-line is based on real experiences and scenes the band have witnessed. It tells the tale of someone who had the world at their feet thanks to good looks and youthful charm, but began to find it a much colder and lonelier place once those qualities had faded.

It’s a well-told narrative, one that holds your attention throughout and resolves to a satisfying degree for the hook. At the same time, it’s a rather poignant and relevant topic in today’s world – the age of Instagram and image-led success – perhaps songs and art of this nature will help remind us all of the real value in life, and the qualities and beauties that we can indeed hold on to.

Download the single via Bandcamp or stream it on Spotify. Check out the band’s previous single Wasted here. Find & follow Moe Green’s Eye on Facebook & Reverbnation.

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