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Moe Green’s Eye Wasted


Thick, distorted riffs gather momentum as Moe Green’s Eye introduce¬†Wasted.¬†Following the opening few bars of music, a surprisingly heartfelt melody emerges that seems to bring something of a Green Day vibe to the stage. The song actually grows more and more emotionally connective as it progresses, leading proudly up towards what is a pretty fantastic hook section. After this, the verse melody returns and has an immediately familiar and catchy feel – it’s quickly comforting, and the rock backdrop gives it a sense of authenticity, making it all the more addictive and enjoyable.

Moe Green’s Eye have a sound that is defiantly a little nostalgic in itself, though there’s a level of space within this track as well, and the sheer honesty of the lyrics help take it somewhere fresh. This underlying concept of falling behind and wasting time, all in the name of someone you don’t particularly respect, it’s presented in a totally real way. Not feeling inclined to present some shiny, well-polished version of reality, the band take the core values of everyday life and relationships and offer them up in a raw and real manner. Their use of sarcasm again feeds into that Green Day feel. The hook itself is loaded with fake optimism that really rings true throughout the melody and the chord progression, not just in the lyrics.

The very essence of rock and punk music was originally that connection shared between working people who had grown tired of the rat race and of living under somebody else’s thumb. Moe Green’s Eye bring all of this and more to their music, and at this point in the industry it’s a welcomed return for the genre when captured so genuinely and with such effective riffs and melodies. This song is likely to stay with you a fair while longer than it’s 3.45 time-frame implies.

This is a call to all the people like you.

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Rebecca Cullen

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