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Mo Turk & Bronze Baby Shoes LeBron Soldier XI / Never Coming Back


Kicking off with the quickly anthem-like and memorably simple Lebron Soldier XI, this two-track collaborative release from Mo Turk introduces an artist with a clear love for music and a natural sense of rhythm and character when delivering.

While this opening track thrives mostly on the strength of a single line – that Lebron hook lingers with you for quite some time after listening – the soundscape makes up for the minimalist lyrical presentation. The beat has a certain lightness to it, not dissimilar to the kind of jazz-cafe-meets-hip hop vibe brought back in recent years by the likes of Mac Miller.

Never Coming Back showcases a similar musical approach, again reinforcing that love for music, and this time around Mo Turk’s voice is easily recognisable – there’s a quiet sense of identity to the tone and that calm, tired delivery that’s easy to pinpoint across releases.

This second track undoubtedly offers more detail, more insight via a more extensive set of lyrics. You build a stronger connection with the artist here, his verses dig deep into poetic reflections on life and home and moving through struggle into optimism; looking towards the future. For these reasons, there’s a little more substance in this second track, and it proves a little more in tune with escapism and the natural vibes we often turn to music for. Having said that though, the anthem-like quality and the cultural references of Lebron Soldier XI help create something far more likely to appeal to a wider audience or to a group of friends on their way to something big. The contrast is subtle but effective, so the two songs work well together – introducing both Mo Turk and Bronze Baby Shoes as having personality and intention in their lyrics and production approaches alike.

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