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Mjt Lyrical King Flower


You get a real sense of connection and authenticity when you hear music that comes from a place of real struggle or experience. Regardless of genre, there’s something very real and vulnerable about truth in music and in lyricism. This release from Mjt Lyrical King is a track inspired by and dedicated to someone who meant a lot to the artist. That loss, that realization and attempt to accept, is inherent in the single. The concept and the emotion tied to it comes through in everything from the lyrics to the vocal performance to the underlying soundscape. It’s a mellow yet powerful song that creates a certain space around you, within which you can really take on these ideas, and actually, potentially, reflect on your own life and your own experiences.

The lyrics on this track are brilliant, the opening verse lays out a story-line of sorts – a personal narrative, delivered initially in a calm and quite melancholy manner; the monotonous daily routine seems to have lost its purpose, and this shows in more ways than one. Later on, the intensity rises, the passion in the artist’s voice increases as the subject matter dictates, and this again adds greatly to that overall realness. At the very same time, the soundscape offers up this mellow, synth driven, lo-fi ambiance that floats around you like a dream.

Flowers comes through as something of a classic or retro piece of alternative hip hop, the likes of which aren’t all too common right now. This subtle, gentle approach to musicality meets flawlessly with the similarly soothing (for the most part) energy of the vocal performance. Whenever the passion intensifies, it’s followed with a return to the delicacy of the melodically sung moments. The song toys with sadness, toys with anger, and returns to that inevitable truth regardless. It’s a beautiful, meaningful way to pay tribute to someone who meant so much.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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