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mitchell The Way We Love


Paired electric guitars of piercing distortion and original melody meet with the relentless crash of live drums, as pop-punk alternative artist mitchell delivers The Way We Love.

Freshly released from the longer project Whenever You’re Ready, the high-octane and evocative anthem The Way We Love hits with a neat balance of nostalgic authenticity and pace.

Everything is consistent, the rhythm and lyrical story, the vocal passion and grit. Riffs and ideas repeat and loop around the listener, fusing that chorus of simplicity with the underlying rock soundscape for a quickly catchy and energizing listen.

The associated album is impressively eclectic, mitchell proving unconfined by genre and instead driven by an artistic intention in every case. The songwriting and musicianship is superb, and the contemporary balancing of styles seems genuinely connected to the writing – rather than purely there to be quirky or grab attention.

Easily worth the time it takes to listen – refreshingly versatile but also professionally and thoughtfully put together.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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