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Mitchell Coleman Jr I Can’t Help It (Feat. Ralph Tresvant)


Before reading anything much about this single, pressing play initially brought about a fairly retro, bass-driven groove, and an unbelievably smooth saxophone sound, which sets the scene in a classically ambient manner. As the music progresses, the mood continues to woo the listener, and later as the leading voice comes in, with its whispered delicacy and lightness, a definite touch of Michael Jackson seems to come about. It is of course a song that was originally penned for Jackson, though what Coleman Jr and Tresvant have done with it lets it lean in a totally atmospheric direction, creating much more of a soundscape for escapism than a particularly character driven pop song.

There are a few simple elements within this release that essentially repeat throughout and help create that familiarity, that comfort zone for audiences to unwind within. Alongside of this, the saxophone leads a life of its own almost entirely, always in keeping with the vibe, but adding that necessary bit of change that we can follow along – the light that guides us through the arena of sound, through the central ideas of the song, with style and subtle strength.

Having mentioned that this isn’t strictly an ear-worm style pop song, it does quite cleverly leave that key line, that key idea and melody, lingering in your mind after listening – almost without you realizing it. It’s a subtle but snappy hook and it’s been beautifully performed so that you hardly notice the effect of its weight.

As a collaborative project, what each artist has brought to the stage here is pretty flawless and beautiful, resulting in a united piece of music and performance that’s uniquely creative and ticks a lot of boxes right the way through. The song has an addictive quality, making it easy to listen several times over. A gorgeous alternative jazz track for the summertime.

I Can’t Help It has been released on The Sound Of LA. Find & follow Mitchell Coleman Jr on Facebook & Twitter. Visit his Website for more information.

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