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Mitch Shaffer Zilker


Creative production with a retro lo-fi overtone makes up this colourful, nostalgic EP from producer Mitch Shaffer.

An artist devoted to the enjoyment of the process, Mitch Shaffer leads with simple loops of melody and rhythm throughout the uniquely hypnotic yet brief Zilker.

From the opening moments of Odd Duck, there’s a sense of reason implied, yet the sub one-minute-thirty track proceeds to simplify its intentions with a dreamy, likable and somewhat vintage vibe.

Then we get the tuneful fragments of soulful voice on Casita, and the style is secured but the purpose again varied for another short yet enjoyable trip.

The retro crackle of the production style helps set an ethereal mood as these easy layers of looping tune and subtle concept pour through. The warped flavours of Goodrich in particular deliver a level of rising anticipation that never quite satisfies. Shaffer toys with the production realm and as such also toys with the listener’s own headspace.

Then we get the brightness and vinyl-kissed comfort of Maha, the style softly unmistakable by now – relevant to much of the scene’s lo-fi study music releases but also fearlessly yesteryear in tone and even the sleepy stomp rhythms. Hints of distant guitar-like melody help further the appeal of that rhythm, making this one a definite highlight.

To finish, a touch of jazz and clarity aims high throughout Bluebonnet -uplifting and joyful, even mildly cinematic, in its reach to represent a set of visuals or an accompanying artist. The character of this one stands tall, as does its optimism, and as the longest track on the EP (still just two minutes eighteen), it offers a lingering sense of calm and contentedness.

Zilker is a naturally soothing project, when all is said and done. While there’s skill to the style and mood created, there’s also a clear love for the process evident each step of the way. In short, Mitch Shaffer is a 25 year-old male who will not be quitting his day job anytime soon, but who makes music the masses can easily get into.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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