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Mister Green Stay Tuned


Following the success of their breakout single Annabelle, with the one and only Tom Morrello, Americana duo Mister Green launch their highly-anticipated full-length album Stay Tuned, and proceed to further their grip on the scene.

Opening with the unmistakable groove and melody of their hit single, the project is off to a strong start, a sort of nostalgic, Eels-esque pop-rock calm and colour. It goes on to build further upon this, with sublime guitar-work and heartfelt writing throughout.

California Night follows the single beautifully, fingerstyle riffs and observational storytelling painting a fresh set of images and ideas, poetic and personal yet still accessible and simple. The completed sound is live-style and skilful yet mainstream ready – short lines and catchy hooks, uniting aspects of folk with the pop realm to always keep a tune running through your mind.

The crisp guitar sound of a strummed For Better Of Worse shines further light on these natural strengths, the Americana backing twang and the distant vocal luring you in closer still, and the band’s beautifully poetic writing style reaching straight for the heart. This one is incredibly easy to love, urging you to replay it almost instantly thanks to the intrigue and resolve combined – a mighty hook and passionate delivery, subtle instrumental nuances for further impact, and lyrics that directly address. A personal favourite.

Then we get the welcomed distortion of an anthemic Mary Jane’s Last Dance, Gypsy-folk strings and a country shuffle and voice notably cranking things up a few notches. It’s a brilliant moment of country-rock power and metaphorical relatability combined; a timeless ode to the familiar comfort of Mary Jane. Ft. Lauderdale follows brilliantly as one of the most infectious tracks of the project.

Bringing things back to base-camp is the unplugged country swagger and self-scorn of Small Town Pretender, along with an all-the-more grounded, piano-led and accessibly contemplative What He Said. The band get honest and emotive here, stripping away the outer layers for an inspiring look at reality and one’s role within it.

Smooth guitar-work guides the timeless embrace of Got A Lot, before poetry and arena-ready design unite for a mighty and immersive Out Of My Mind; another absolute highlight. Then we’re back to rock and roll distortion and style, for the gritty and classic-sounding anthem Valray, which precedes a more thoughtful ode to intimacy and oneness, in the form of the warmer ballad vibe of Sadie; bringing things to a shoulder-swaying finish.

An eclectic collection, in short, musically impressive yet humble, with strength of songwriting and intention clearly proving calling cards of Mister Green. Stay Tuned is a pleasure to let play this season.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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