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Mister Davey Jones FADE (Drinking Again)


Organic depth takes hold from the outset, as Mister Davey Jones delivers his latest conceptual journey and embrace, in the form of a jazz-kissed and vulnerable FADE.

Featuring a fine fusion of muggy sound-design akin to the smokey jazz sound of a simpler era, and the crisp clarity of a contemporary vocal performance, FADE delves into the topic of alcohol abuse in a deeply personal and revealing manner.

Juxtaposition of qualities is a key aspect of this artistic representation of life. The comfort and escapism of alcohol stands tall in the optimism and brightness of the music, whereas the darker reality of the grip of addiction pours through in the relentless longing and lostness of the lyrics.

Mister Davey Jones keeps things unpredictable yet forever professional and creatively intriguing. FADE promises yet another hit of human purity and skillful production combined, and works its magic with relatable honesty and believable, memorable character all at once.

Grab the single FADE via Apple. Check out Mister Davey Jones via Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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