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Miss Velvet and The Blue Wolf LAUNCH


Dreamy guitar-work and an equally dreamlike, distorted and hypnotic set of visuals unite for this uniquely captivating new video and single from Miss Velvet and The Blue Wolf.

Soon progressing from smooth and mellow beginnings, the song goes on to adopt more of a punk or alt-rock core – even a classic rock, driving rock kind of sentiment – with mighty meandering vocals from Miss Velvet. The video follows this up with a live clip and retro grunge-esque after-effect to fully complete the mood.

What a tune – a song that continuously seems to progress from good to great to epic, throughout its life-span. Merely tipping its toe in the rock waters for the first quarter, the song soon builds its way up towards a stunning hook section, and Miss Velvet’s faultlessly passionate, raspy and soulful vocal more than carries the weight of the changing stages of the song.

Featuring a performance of undeniable commitment from the entire band, the accompanying video injects a head-banging aura into an already immersive, infectious rock experience, complete with stage smoke and further dreamy solos to break up the weight found elsewhere.

The whole thing is so well-structured, managing to feel like a slept on classic from a simpler time – as well as being clearly something incredibly original and refreshing for this time in our lives. A six-minute epic that delivers precisely the kind of sound, talent and dedication the rock scene needs right about now.

Visit Bongo Boy Records for more music & info or check out Miss Velvet and The Blue Wolf’s Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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