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Miss Tun Pickney Have You Seen It (Feat. Ramize Yardsoul)


Seeing a notable change of direction emerge, Miss Tun Pickney’s new single is one with yet another addictive, satisfying hook, but an underlying essence of melancholy and mellow energy; helping give the whole thing purpose, and a genuinely refreshing quality.

In short, Have You Seen It is a brilliant new track, emotive and intentional, structured in a manner that allows the various vocals and moments to stand tall and hold your interest throughout.

The soundscape is quickly enjoyable, classic RnB or Pop with a hint of subtle Reggae that would likely come through all the more-so during an alternative live acoustic version.

There are certain complexities at work, the two vocals each telling a deeply relevant, poignant story. Musically though, everything resolves beautifully for the hook – the simple repetition of that mildly familiar melody and its simultaneous uncertainty – Have You Seen It? – rounds things up perfectly. At the same time, you’re prompted to think, amidst a shoulder-swaying groove – not so much a subliminal but easily absorbed message.

All of these traits shine a little more brightly with each revisit, as is often the way with music from the Dingazz corner of creativity. Increasingly helping classic music fans craft new and engaging playlists, this single makes for a personal favourite to date, and the perfect way to sit back and reflect on our current times.

Single out March 31st. Find & follow Dingazz Music for updates – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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