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Miss Olivia & The Interlopers Little Stories


Having heard a two-track taster from their upcoming project Little Stories, I’m excited to check out the longer project from Miss Olivia & The Interlopers as and when it gets released.

A song called Leaving You Behind kicks off this short collection and introduces the band’s soulful rock swagger as mellow and conceptually intentional. The backdrop is mildly funk-driven, spacious and organic so as to give off a live atmosphere – tempting you to seek out a gig. On top of this, carefully intertwined vocals pour through with the nostalgic prowess of a soul hit from a simpler decade.

The melody and its delivery emerges with quiet confidence and unwavering passion. There are certain higher flickers at the end of key lines that really hit with impact thanks to their contrast with the longer drawn out notes before them. By the end of this three and a half minute journey, you’re well into the vibe of the track and the genuine, emotionally connected nature of the performance. A great way to get to know the band and their sound and style.

Blacklisted follows on, with the now familiar approach but a somewhat more seductive groove, and a notably intense hook section. Contrast is utilized masterfully on this one, the verses lead the way brilliantly towards the hook – a moment at which the entire energy of the song explodes to exemplify that peak in emotion as the story-line comes to a head. There’s a greater level of turmoil at stake lyrically here, and Miss Olivia presents this with authentic grit and juxtaposed delicacy as the various layers of the story step into view. A personal favourite so far, but as suggested – I’ll keenly anticipate the full-length project release.

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