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Miss Chay Bella Do It Anyway


Miss Chay Bella is an artist fusing the smooth ambiance of hip-hop with a stylish and characterful, R&B inspired leading vocal performance. Do It Anyway has a definite pop melody and hook that lingers in your mind long after listening. Alongside of this though, the production on the track features a fairly minimalist set-up – a simple gathering of synths and sounds, a simple structure, and an overall trip-hop or dreamlike mood that works really well in line with the songwriting.

As a performer, Miss Chay Bella has her own sound and style, and this is showcased pretty memorably on this release. There are two different sections to the song that stand out in contrast with one another. The first is the hook, the repetition is quick and easy to remember. The second is the verse – an almost rap-like performance that lays out a much more detailed side to the story telling. As these two sections take turns to appear, the music backs up the change and evolution in a way that allows you to enjoy various instrumental moments – including a subtle yet cool flicker of electric guitar (or some distinctly similar sample). It’s a subtle touch, as stated, but it’s something more that adds to the character and creativity of the track.

The opening riff has a pleasant delicacy to it that quickly becomes a massive trait of the single. You recognise these moments of musical individuality as much as you do the hook – they are shorter lived, yet repeating enough times to make certain you know the song when it plays. Everything works well within to lay out the ideal foundation upon which Miss Chay Bella’s swagger and style can shine brightly. It’s a strong release and it highlights the artist’s musical direction and personality well.

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