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Misfit Double Down


Misfit’s latest single encapsulates the concept of self-drive and progression, leading with a simple, clean-cut and refreshingly melodic soundscape, and a hook that’s catchy enough to leave its mark in an instant.

Double Down balances a quirky piano riff with an upfront vocal delivery, tipping its hat to the classic sound of hip hop, holding close to that subtle confidence, but also adding more than a few layers and details that reflect a more contemporary approach.

Fusing personal experience and emotive references with a more inclusively vague take on working towards your own goals, the song acknowledges the conflict of putting yourself first, adding genuine humanity, yet proceeding to focus on achieving those dreams and that happiness regardless.

I want it like I never wanted nothing else – sometimes you’ve gotta go for self

The hook is so easily memorable, yet the verses offer a plethora of ideas and observations to build something far more thoughtful and powerful. The two sections work brilliantly together. An anthem of realness and drive, well crafted and enjoyable to listen to.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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