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Mischa Renee Little Things


Mischa Renee’s minimalist set-up lets the natural beauty of her voice and her melody shine gorgeously on this single. Little Things is a heart-warming, intimate and honest display of gratitude and appreciation for a significant other, which is refreshing to listen to right now, and breathes a wonderful breath of positivity into the music world.

Little Things is kept simple throughout, a few chords and a stripped-back vocal delivery are all that’s needed to allow the natural strengths of the song and of Renee’s performance to work their magic. Even with such a delicate presentation though, the melody manages to weave its way it your head, softly becoming an enjoyable ear-worm that brings with it an inspiring sense of thankfulness.

You’re the reason for my smile is a beautiful line that lingers with you long after listening. If it even simply influences listeners to offer thanks to their loved ones or those they hold close, it’s a job well done. At the very least though, the song sounds lovely, organic and genuine, and it introduces Mischa Renee as a thoughtful artist and a superb singer. There are certain qualities to her tone and style of delivery that seem authentically unique to her at present, and this will likely break through all the more so with each new song that emerges. Purity and effective songwriting unite to heart-melting results. Well worth a listen.

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