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Creative producer, songwriter and performer Mino Chelly captivates beautifully, with the raw emotional and artistic precision of his brand new single and video HATE ME LIKE YOU DO.

Getting the chemistry just right, in my opinion, HATE ME LIKE YOU DO brings together the fullness of dark electronic production, with the essential character and emotion of a compelling vocal lead, and tops this off with superb songwriting, and a rising intensity that effectively lures you in more and more so as things roll along.

Ultimately a sort of dark rock and electronica track with a twist of gritty metal, HATE ME LIKE YOU DO proves as melodically engaging as it is expressively evocative. The single feels alternative in more ways than one, but still manages to intoxicate listeners with the simplicity of this rising and falling tune – and of course, the power and concept of that title and hook resolve.

Brilliantly produced, performed with passion and genuine connection to the subject matter, HATE ME LIKE YOU DO faultlessly encapsulates the implications of its name, and emerges complete with an equally artistic, expressive set of visuals, which help further grip the audience and enthral them in this nostalgic and genuine realm of reflection.

For me, tracks like this are few and far between – the vibe is that of an early 2000s alternative rock approach, but the songwriting and personality breathe new life into the delivery; resulting in an independent style that’s honest, provocative, and naturally an earworm.

Download or stream HATE ME LIKE YOU DO. Find Mino Chelly on Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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